Pendula has partnered with Zuora to deliver the only native two-way customer initiated communication platform on Zuora Connect Marketplace allowing you to update Zuora in the backend, instantly.

Pendula is helping subscription media and news companies automate their marketing process in 3 different ways.

Firstly, Pendula engages customers through automated marketing, allowing for re-engagement of churned subscribers through two-way opt-in SMS conversations, automatically and instantly updating subscription amendments.

Secondly, Pendula helps generate revenue streams by offering a new channel for cross-selling and up-selling. Automatically adding or amending products to a current subscription in Zuora allows businesses to shift the P&L and grow existing customer spending.

Thirdly, with Pendula billing and collections you will be able to automate SMS and e-mail communication for billing reminders, late payment reminders and credit card expiry reminders, linking directly to a PCI compliant payment portal, instantly updating records in Zuora and reducing outstanding collections at scale, all fully automated.

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