Sydney, NSW—June 5, 2018: Sydney-based tech company Pendula, an automated, two-way Customer Communication Manager (CCM) that enables businesses to elevate their customer experience, will launch in the US on June 5 at Zuora’s 2018 Subscribed Conference in San Francisco, in front of the world’s biggest subscription-based companies.

Zuora, the leading cloud-based subscription management platform, is adding Pendula on their Zuora Connect app marketplace where Zuora’s nearly 1,000 current customers can purchase the technology to extend their subscription communication capabilities, helping to reduce subscriber churn and consequently, reduce financial risk.

Pendula enables intelligent two-way communications via SMS, email, instant messaging, fax and post from within the Zuora platform. Inbound communications then trigger automated actions or contextual responses, with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm analysing, classifying and automatically actioning inbound customer communications, helping to keep subscribers engaged and happy while drastically reducing the cost to serve.

Credit processing merchants have reported failure rates as high as 25%, with Ethoca estimating that purchases representing USD $145.9bn in sales are declined each year globally. By implementing an automated communication system, companies can significantly reduce the risk of declined payments.

Pendula CEO and Founder Alex Colvin is presenting at the conference, sharing his vision of a revolutionised customer communication market that focuses on automated conversational messaging along with his experience in building technology on Zuora Connect.

Colvin says, “Customer communication, particularly with a focus on dialogue, was an area that lacked innovation and disruption. After intensive validation, we decided to change the industry and market with our young, innovative and highly scalable platform solution.”

Colvin continues, “An organisation’s success is increasingly linked to an understanding of its customers. As the first third-party communication app to launch on the Zuora Connect app marketplace, Zuora has been incredibly supportive of our technology, and we are excited to be partnered with them globally. It’s an incredible opportunity for us as a growing Australian software business.”

The Subscribed Conference is a destination for Subscription Economy disruptors, innovators, and business leaders to inspire success, share best practices, and learn. Throughout the two-day event, the Pendula team will be conducting a survey of the world’s leaders in the subscription economy, where expectation and engagement insights will be produced and released on June 8 via the Pendula website.

For more information about Zuora’s Subscribed Conference, please visit the Zuora website.

About Pendula

Customer expectations have changed with the Subscription Economy®. At every stage of the subscriber lifecycle, there is an opportunity to build loyalty through engagement. Pendula is an omnichannel customer communication manager that enables businesses to leverage existing channels, gain visibility into customer interactions, shorten the collection cycle, reduce churn and deliver their best customer experience yet. Pendula is based in Sydney and services customers in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

About Alex Colvin

Alex Colvin is the CEO of Pendula, which he founded in 2015. With nine years experience aligning cloud technology offerings with clients’ specific business strategies in the telecommunications and media sectors, Alex’s vision of a revolutionised customer communication market is driving innovation at Pendula in both omnichannel and conversational messaging. Alex oversees Pendulas’ mission of enabling businesses to leverage data-driven insights and existing communication platforms, ushering in a new standard of customer experience.

Alex Colvin on LinkedIn

About Zuora, Inc.

Zuora provides the leading cloud-based subscription management platform that functions as a system of record for subscription businesses across all industries. Powering the Subscription Economy®, the Zuora platform was architected specifically for dynamic, recurring subscription business models and acts as an intelligent subscription management hub that automates and orchestrates the entire subscription order-to-cash process, including billing and revenue recognition. Zuora serves more than 900 companies around the world, including Box, Komatsu, Rogers, Schneider Electric, Xplornet and Zendesk. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Zuora also operates offices in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, London, Paris, Beijing, Sydney, Chennai and Tokyo. To learn more about the Zuora platform, please visit

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