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Better Rehab employs Pendula to automate processes, reduce cost-to-serve and improve customer experience

~$46,000 saved

in total per year since using Pendula

~$14,400 saved

per year sending automated Welcome Packs

~$18,400 saved

per year automating appointment reminders

Established in 2014, Better Rehab is a leading NDIS allied health provider.  Proudly servicing the community across Australia for a variety of disciplines including: occupational therapy, speech therapy, physio and other support services.

Since 2019, Better Rehab has used Pendula to streamline the processes behind the day-to-day operations involved in providing a community healthcare service. Better Rehab delivers services to tens of thousands of Australians across the country and depends on a reliable solution to communicate effectively with staff and clients. Behind these services exists the huge daily task of organising and communicating important details to these stakeholders. This includes:

  • Sending of client welcome packs
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Providing reminders and updated appointment details

It is also critical these communications are sent in an accurate and timely manner.

“Before Pendula we were still sort of that small-ish company and were trying to decide how we would be able to scale…we’ve had a huge amount of growth and [Pendula] has paid for itself multiple times.”
Sarah Caldwell, National Manager of Administration, Better Rehab

The challenge

Better Rehab had a scheduling platform in place and were initially providing manual appointment confirmations and reminders over the phone and via one-to-one text and email. The team quickly realised the need to streamline and automate these communications to support a fast growing business. Sarah, Better Rehab’s National Administration Manager recalls: “It got to a point where I think we had maybe around 50 or 60 clinicians and it was getting to a size where that volume was just too difficult to manage through manual appointment reminders.”

Whilst growing, Better Rehab faced the challenge of providing a reliable, automatic workflow solution that could cater for their scaling needs: “We had a lot of cancelled, missed or rescheduled appointments. This was due to a lack of confirmations and reminders to our clients“.

“We had a lot of cancelled, missed or rescheduled appointments. This was due to a lack of confirmations and reminders to our clients.”
Sarah Caldwell, National Manager of Administration, Better Rehab

How Pendula helped

Better Rehab was introduced to Pendula and a solution was approached with the administrative team’s main goal in mind. This was: “to ensure a positive customer experience from the client’s first interaction with us...and to help as many people as possible”.

The plan was to focus on making the process better for staff and clients, by:

  • Reducing the amount of cancellations
  • Streamlining the reminder process
  • Reducing the resources required for a number of manual tasks
“The ability to create and update things ourselves was really attractive to keep in line with the speed that we move at sometimes, and not rely on a third party to do this for us.”
Sarah Caldwell, on choosing Pendula for usability

The Client Welcome Pack for example, needs to be sent out to newly onboarded clients. These were previously printed out and posted. Sarah recalls: “These took about 5 mins each to prepare and we were sending around 100 per week, each welcome pack would cost around $3 each… and not to mention the trees, that is a lot of paper!”  

Since starting with Pendula, Better Rehab has seen a tangible impact, including a huge reduction in the amount of time and resources required to run the day-to-day operations and administrative support.

Better Rehab also uses Pendula to manage and improve upon customer experience. With a customer feedback survey built through Pendula to manage customer satisfaction surveys. This works two-fold, as firstly it can be used as an auditing tool to ensure services are delivered. Secondly, the survey is used to request and receive feedback from clients to allow them to be heard, and be used to constantly improve upon services delivered.

The customer-satisfaction workflow used by Better Rehab to improve their overall customer experience.

Customers are occasionally sent a simple text survey asking how their experience was. An inbound response is then recorded back in Better Rehab’s CRM system. A low score will trigger a case creation process that notifies the relevant staff members, and the issue is addressed. For Sarah, who manages this project, “reportability for this was important. We needed to be able to attribute feedback scores to things like: specific work sites, staff members and clients. Pendula set this up for us to be able to do and it has been incredibly effective. We’re now looking to expand on the solution and explore additional uses with Pendula”.

“We needed to be able to attribute feedback scores to things like: specific work sites, staff members and clients. Pendula set this up for us to be able to do and it has been incredibly effective.”
Sarah Caldwell, on leveraging Pendula to build a customer satisfaction survey

As Better Rehab incorporates Pendula further into processes to support customer experiences, the ability to control and manage the workflows efficiently is important.

“We really liked the ability to update things ourselves. We quite often review the way that we’re doing our processes, and like to make minor tweaks. Update content, keep in line with our [new] branding…” Sarah mentions, she continues to talk about how it has received by the team “...and if you tell your team that they’ll have to do less work I don’t think that they can complain.”

With an improved user experience, the team can independently create, edit and review workflows. Pendula continues to be instrumental in creating delightful customer experiences at Better Rehab, with the team seeing real improvements.

Since implementing Pendula in 2019, Better Rehab has grown from 250 staff to 400, and client numbers have increased dramatically. Automating with Pendula has allowed Better Rehab to grow quickly while keeping up with the increasing amount of client interaction.

Overall results

  • Automated Welcome Packs
    saving an estimated 33 hours/month, where the packs were manually compiled and sent.
  • Cost, efficiency and satisfaction gains with reminders reducing the number of appointment ‘no-shows’.
  • Automated appointment reminders and updates saving an accumulated 47 hours/month of staff time previously manually communicating with each client.

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