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Pendula and Cludo, with you through the Covid-19 crisis

Pendula’s mission is to be the heart of every conversation between a business and its customers. In times of uncertainty, keeping those lines of communication open is more important than ever.

As the impacts of COVID-19 increase, we need to pull together and look after each other. Pendula, in partnership with Cludo, is proud to work alongside many organisations who support some of our community’s most vulnerable people on a daily basis, particularly those in the disability and aged care sectors.

We understand that the uncertainty caused by the current situation may have certain members of our community feeling quite distressed, alone and anxious about what lies ahead. Pendula and Cludo want to ensure that our customers are enabled in communicating out any important information to clients, their contacts and family members. This includes updates to service offerings, information distribution, emergency announcements to simply providing peace of mind by reaching out, we can help.

What Pendula is offering:

As part of our service to support organisations in dealing with this crisis, for any new customers for the next 60 days Pendula is offering:

Free licensing
Free email communications
Rapid Start Implementation via Cludo

How is this being delivered:

In partnership with Cludo, we are offering fast-tracked packaged implementations of our platform to quickly enable you to reach out to your customers regarding Covid-19. These packages include:

Service communications
Emergency outreach
Advice / customer care
Creation of Pendula flows
Assistance with templates

How to participate

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