Previously, on Pendula...

Our story starts in 2016.

Founded in Sydney, Australia by our CEO Alex Colvin, who is on a mission to change the way that businesses communicate with their customers.
We launched our first product, as a team of just two!

Here's our very first pic from our very first social event, and Yas after sending our very first message; the first of millions. Woohoo!

“Everything’s coming up Milhouse!”

Yas, Engineer

We opened our Brisbane office, formalised our partnership with Zuora, and reached 15 employees.

We finally set up shop in the sunshine state, where most of our engineering legends are located.

“To use our product as a metaphor; The Pendula team feels a lot like an 'active flow' of supportive, approachable, encouraging, skilled 'nodes', all growing together.”

Menaka, Quality Assurance

This was also the year of our rebrand; the year the name "Pendula" was born.



plural form of Pendulum

A weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely, especially a rod with a weight at the end that regulates the mechanism of a clock.

“We wanted our name and brand to better tell the story of our true value: not broadcasting or sending messages one way, but many (plural!) automated two-way conversations. Plus - have you ever tried buying a single-word .com URL? Nightmare!”

Georgia, Head of Product

We reached over 60 customers, including Navitas (US) and Origin (AUS).

We launched a new product, Platform v2. We also made an office move, into our current office in Surry Hills. And we had tonnes of fun along the way!

"One of the best parts of working at Pendula is the people. Being in a rapidly growing start-up, you sometimes have to wear different hats and learn to adapt as it can be a pretty fast-paced environment at times. Fortunately you get to do it with a pretty great group of talented and like-minded people who are a lot of fun to be around both inside and outside of work.”

Simon, Customer Success

We reached our 10 million communications sent milestone.

We also reached 2 million ARR, and celebrated accordingly.

It was also the year we learned how to work remotely... and did a smashing job of it too! Hybrid work and work-life balance continues to be something we value highly at Pendula.

"I couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to work with in the Zoom ages, who are all so talented in their diverse backgrounds. I’ve been so humbled by their knowledge, patience and humility in all that they do!"

Angel, Designer

We had our Series B capital round, reached 110 customers and 35 employees.

The year we got back in the office (finally!) and had a ripper year of growth in size. It's only up from here!

“Walking through the door on day 1, there was a great vibe about the place. The people were warm, welcoming and happy to see a new face. As the Senior People Partner, I'm looking forward to harnessing that culture as we grow to create an environment that people are excited to be a part of.”

Esther, Senior People Partner

Today Pendula is a vibrant team in both Sydney and Brisbane that does great work and loves what they do.

This is the story so far, get ready to be a part of the next chapter!