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Configurable two-way conversations and workflows

Pendula integrates directly with your CRM or billing system. Create automated journeys for any customer interaction. Send, receive and track all customer conversations with your business.

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How it works


Capture & track inbound messages from customers within your system, providing context to the interaction.

Configure inbound messages to trigger automated actions & contextual responses.

Pendula sends messages via any channel directly from your CRM or billing system.

From the ability to open payment gateways and take people down complex branching dialogue paths, to dealing with one-on-one communications, Messenger is a uniquely comprehensive and highly configurable channel.

Pendula enables two-way SMS. Our SMS automation service allows messages to be delivered via a personalised number that can also be masked on request to show “Your Company” as the sender. Send batched or one-to-one SMS directly from the system. Global scalability with over 140 countries supported.

Pendula is the first and certified Business API partner of WhatsApp that is native on Salesforce and Zuora. We register your BMID direct with Facebook and get you running on the official business API. One of the most popular messaging platforms globally, Whatsapp is a particularly effective channel for support case-handling and business-critical interactions. Pendula customers will be ready to use the channel as soon as they are approved by WhatsApp. Register your interest for our Early Access Program

Pendula supports inbound and outbound fax on platform. Faxes are imported as PDFs into your CRM or billing system.

Classic snail-mail, sometimes necessary for vital documents. Pendula passes on your formatted post requests to your mail house. 140 countries covered via our partner network, from send to local postage within 24 hours, pretty much anywhere in the world.

Drag & drop

Simple software, loaded with powerful possibilities

Pendula flows are easy to create and infinitely configurable. Administrators can use the intuitive builder interface to create any kind of communication flow. No coding knowledge is required, so you can create automated journeys straight away. Flows can be triggered by database events or delivered on a schedule, making it simple to define rules according to your communication strategy.


Send and receive messages across every channel

Pendula supports automated two-way communication across SMS, email, social messaging and fax. We also enable outbound post. Customers will see and action your messages, whenever and wherever they are.

Automated workflows & actions

Reduce technology debt with a single solution

Not only can you automate communication with Pendula, you can also configure simple database actions and processes based on your customer interactions and replies. Streamline your business processes all from a single screen, saving time, money and human resources across any part of the company.

Filtering & segmentation

Drill down and leverage your customer data

Powerful segmentation and event-based flows allow granular control over who gets what, and when. Drill down within a flow for targeted communications, and easily create customer journeys based on complex customer splits and segments.

Tracking & visibility

A complete view of your customer

See every message and action for every customer from your Pendula dashboard. Enable better decision-making and superior customer experience with macro and micro views of your customer journey.

Platform integrated

Be in the source of truth

Leverage your existing investment in your customer relationship management or billing system with Pendula, which sits inside the platform. See every conversation you’ve ever had, with every customer, directly linked to data in Salesforce and Zuora.

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