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Salesforce® is a global industry leader whose expertise in client relationship management is peerless. Salesforce's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is specifically designed to bring increased simplicity, integration, efficiency and visibility to your business.

Pendula extends the functionality of Salesforce, with access to the incredible flexibility and workflow trigger potential that comes with the platform. Inbound communications can trigger any business process that is configurable in Salesforce, based on any criteria. The result? Pendula in Salesforce becomes your single source of truth for everything related to billing and communication.

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Pendula in Zuora

Actionability & read rates

Pendula leverages existing communication channels, allowing you to respond to customers on platforms they already use, ensuring they both see and action your messages.


Customer experience (CX) & engagement

Guarantee your best customer experience yet by using Pendula to deliver personalised, consistent and on-brand dialogue.


Data visibility & spam control

Pendula provides complete oversight in easy to use reporting and dashboards. This also makes it simple to define rules according to your communication strategy.


Data cleansing & reduced bounce rates

Automated cleansing of contact information helps to prevent failed communications.

Pendula is a certified OEM ISV partner and is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. If you’re using Salesforce® to manage a your business communications and billing, contact us to learn more about how Pendula can help automate customer communications and lower your cost to serve.

Send & receive SMS manually with the Pendula Console

For business-critical operational communications, it is vital that customers are reading your messages. With a 98% read rate, SMS reigns as the most effective platform for everyday conversations with customers.

Remove communication barriers for meeting confirmation, lead qualification, data collection, personalised notifications and more.

  • The Pendula Console can sit on any object on Salesforce®. Harness the breadth and flexibility of Pendula in any configuration.
  • Features include free text capability, inbound message log, sender identification and timestamp.
  • Master billing data is enriched with operational communication history
  • As it operates exactly like a smartphone, the Console is intuitive and requires no staff training.
  • All messages are stored as an activity record, creating a single point of contact for all prospects and customers.
Pendula Console in Salesforce

Reducing complexity & enabling automation

Creating automated communications and capturing inbound SMS with Salesforce® is time-consuming and complex, requiring a high-level of technical know-how and advance planning. With Pendula’s clear and simple drag-and-drop interface you can manage scheduled or event-based communications from a single screen, while still leveraging the powerful data-management capabilities of Salesforce.

  • Communications can be based on any field change value or data residing in your CRM.
  • Inbound messages are automatically matched to the customer record and can trigger contextual responses or automated actions.
  • Put time back in your administrators and end users calendars.
Pendula Flow Builder

Building automated communications
without Pendula

Building event-based communication without Pendula

Building automated communications
with Pendula

Building event-based communication with Pendula

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