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Welcome to the new customer experience:
from recipients to participants

Pendula is a conversational SMS and email platform that allows you to create two-way conversations with your customers using drag and drop functionality, without the need for any developer experience.

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Your customers want to speak to you. Be the first to build a relationship through two-way conversations. Pendula brands have seen a 430% increase in conversions, with 30% response rate for SMS conversations.

Improve the customer experience

Upgrade your marketing and design the perfect customer experience that improves conversion, increases retention and builds loyalty.

Personalised, timely, useful Pendula experiences build trust and in turn repeat business.

Create with ease

Easily create conversations to send the right message, at the right time in just a few clicks. Bring your ideas to life on a single platform with Pendula’s workflows: completely customisable to your individual business needs and use case.

Manage, automate and optimise your customers' omnichannel journey with Pendula’s drag & drop functionality – no developer required!

Find out how Bestchance saw an 80% increase in timely enrolments with Pendula >

Drive better outcomes

What your customers have to say is really valuable. Gather real and tangible data to harness for future business decisions and even better customer communications including targeted upsells.

Learn more about what's important to your customers through valuable insights and increased visibility.

Work smarter, not harder

Do more with less, save your budget and reduce complexity. Scale your operations, not your costs. Eradicate inefficiencies and streamline manual processes at scale all the while integrating seamlessly with your existing systems.

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