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Zero to Hero Pendula Power Pack | Terms and Conditions

*The Zero to Hero promotion is only available in the Australian region.

*The promotion will be running from December 1st 2023 to January 31st 2024.

*All relevant businesses can register to book a meeting with Pendula to confirm eligibility via this landing page here.

To be deemed eligible for this offer, the following T’s & C’s apply:
  • The promotion is only available for new customers. This offer is not available for current customers.
  • Platform integrations must correspond with our standard list of connectors, such as:
  •         - Salesforce
  •         - Hubspot
  •         - Zendesk
  •         - Zuora
  •         - Many more!
  • Integration capability will be limited to the standard triggers, actions and data access each supported by each connector.
  • Pendula will not be held liable for the late delivery of implementation if the systems being integrated do not meet conditions outlined above.
  • Production deployments will not occur during Christmas blackout period.
  • At the end of the promotional period, full payment terms apply should the customer wish to receive ongoing access to the Pendula platform and any associated services.  

We'll get you up and running in 30 days. You need to provide:
  • Access to relevant team members and participation in workshops, training and integration processes.
  • Access to your chosen system of record and/or sample data.
  • WhatsApp Business Platform Account (if applicable).

Additional add-ons:
  • 30 days onwards - 1 usage cycle.
  • Promotional period  ends - Notification email.
  • Business case >> Indicative 20% conversion rates >> upsell to $50k-$100k.

Package Inclusions

Two Fast Start sessions include:
  • Experience Workshop: we guide your key stakeholders through our methodology to extract and define the key customer experiences to integrate into the Pendula platform.
  • Guided Tour: our experts will take you on a guided tour of your very own, fully integrated Pendula instance.
  • 1 pager outlining package and their responsibilities (see below).

Service / Product Summary

The following represent the Service / Product components licenced by the Customer that is included in the promotion period

1.   The Pendula for Enterprise customer engagement platform which includes:

  • Experience & Workflow Studio
  • Retention Optimisation Suite
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard (History)
  • Engagement Hub (SMS, WhatsApp)

2.   Experience Design

  • Facilitation of workshops to define experiences pertaining to desired use cases.

3.   Integration Accelerator:

  • Inputs: x1 standard connector
  • Outputs: x1 standard connector

Responsibilities and assumptions
  1. All triggers to Pendula flows will originate from events occurring or data residing within the chosen system of record via a standard connector.
  2. All data required to personalise any communication within Pendula will be accessible within the chosen system of record via a standard connector.
  3. Any data required to be output will be synced back using a standard connector.
  4. Pendula will provision a single dedicated AU phone number for use with the Pendula platform.
  5. If WhatsApp is required, the Customer will be responsible for providing their own WhatsApp Business Platform Account and will be responsible for any WhatsApp usage charges.
  6. The Customer will be responsible for creating and managing WhatsApp messaging templates within the Facebook Business Manager Interface. All WhatsApp conversations must be initiated using an approved WhatsApp Message Template.
  7. The Customer will be responsible for the creation of flows within the Experience & Workflow Studio with the assistance of Pendula.

Key Function Capability

Integration with standard connectors

Each Customer will select a connector from Pendula’s library of standard connectors, enabling them to leverage their existing customer data, residing in standard objects. Flows can be triggered on either a record created or changed condition. In addition to defining a scheduled trigger date and time to fetch specific records when executing a flow.


  • SMS: two-way conversational messaging
  • WhatsApp: two-way conversational messaging (text only)
  • Email: one-way only


The Customer will have visibility of each transactional experience including inbound and outbound messages via the History section of the Business Intelligence Dashboard within the Pendula platform. This data can be exported to a csv file for further analysis or for use with downstream provisioning activities.