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Zuora is the world’s leading provider of billing, commerce and finance solutions for the Subscription Economy™.

Zuora is the world’s only subscription order-to-cash platform that makes it easier for companies to manage ongoing subscription relationships and keep up with fast-changing go-to-market strategies.

Pendula enables two-way communications with your subscribers natively from Zuora, via SMS, email, instant social messaging, fax and post. When used within Zuora, Pendula helps businesses build loyalty, reduce churn, minimise financial risk through automated communication and deliver their best subscription experience yet.

Pendula in Zuora

Build loyalty and lower cost to serve

Leverage existing channels and back end systems with Pendula. Proactively mitigate negative events and reward subscriber loyalty from within the Zuora platform.


Subscription experience and engagement

Don’t make your subscribers login to a portal or download an app for critical comms. Engagements are scheduled or triggered on any field change in the Zuora platform.


Gain visibility into critical subscriber interactions

Add contextual communication history to master billing data. Leverage this data for subscriber segmentation and insights.


Minimise financial risk

Ensure your financial policies, dunning processes and external regulations are adhered to through automation and oversight.

Pendula is a certified Zuora partner and OEM ISV.
If you’re using Zuora to manage a subscription billing service, contact us to learn more about how Pendula can help automate customer communications and lower your cost to serve.

Great(er) expectations

Subscriber expectations grow in tandem with service quality. Luckily, there are countless opportunities to delight. Pendula uses the data residing in Zuora to ensure you can recognise negative events and mitigate them, while identifying positive events and promoting them.

Mitigate the negative and promote the positive

Churn, baby, churn

When it comes to recurring revenue, subscriber retention is equally as important as subscriber acquisition (and cheaper). Don’t give them a reason to cancel their subscription.

It costs over 7 times to aquire a new customer than it does to upsell or renew and existing one.

Credit crunch

Subscriptions expose new financial risks due to the increased volume of collections and credit cards.

Credit cards expire and subscribers must take the time to re-enter details. They can bounce which both costs money and impacts cash flow. Maybe there was a data breach and cards have had to be re-issued.

In the wild

  • Pendula automates system notifications and all subscription lifecycle communications from within Zuora
  • With an average read rate of 98% SMS drastically improves both readability and actionability
  • Master billing data is enriched with operational communication history
  • Continually optimise financial communications with demographic, seasonal and location based strategies
  • ‘Point and click’ configuration means no developers, no consultants, no fuss!
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