10 automated workflows 80% increase 5000 families automated
processing manual administrative tasks of timely enrolments by Pendula

As an Early Years Management NFP organisation, Bestchance aims to support families and children in their early childhood, by delivering integrated services.

Since working with Pendula in 2018, Bestchance has been able to provide a more streamlined experience for families registering and enrolling into sessional kindergarten.

Bestchance connected families and children to over 80 kindergartens, and previously, with no sufficient enrolment system in place, administrative-heavy processing placed strain on the enrolment team.

“Pendula removes the requirements for the team to make follow-up calls which could be to over 700 people…this is a significant improvement when you have a very small team trying to get through all the daily data processing and working to commence children at the service as quickly as possible.”

Priya Prasad, systems & operations team leader

Bestchance wanted a platform that would work within Salesforce to complement alternate departments who are working towards a centralised CRM. A customised approach was required as alternatives within the market had been unable to accommodate the specialised requirements in the industry allowing Local Government list data imports — enter Pendula, an end-to-end solution for Bestchance. “We were looking at a product that we could potentially get across all of our areas, which was long day care, kindergarten and family daycare,” says Systems and Operations Team Leader, Priya Prasad.

Bestchance has since enjoyed a radical internal change of model that supports processing larger volumes in a better way. Through leveraging Pendula to devise configurable workflows, a centralised solution has been brought to provide a streamlined customer experience.

At a glance

  • 80% increase in completed enrolments — the number of families with incomplete enrolments dropped to 200 in January 2020, compared to more than 1000 in January 2019.
  • 20% average enrolment increase — an average increase of 20% more enrolments has been processed between November and December.

Beyond numbers, the improvements experienced by the team are extensive:

  • Compliance and due diligence requirements met with little to no extra effort.
  • Increase team morale for enrolments and team members’ work rate.
  • Greater accuracy, reduced paperwork in internal reporting.

…and this is just the beginning.

“Given that we manage 80 plus kindergartens, and we do the enrolments for that many, we’re dealing with communications to about 5000 families which we needed to be consistent.”

Priya Prasad, systems & operations team leader

The challenge — data was everywhere

Connecting families and children to over 80 kindergartens across 14 local government areas involves seamless conversations with all stakeholders, and staying on top of things that are sent and received. Priya was aware of the repercussions with no proper enrolment system in place — the Bestchance team was under major strain to process thousands of applications through manual data entry into spreadsheets and a DIY database. Accumulated data and records were disorganised and required administrative-heavy processing.

The spreadsheets dealt with the administration of all the kindergartens: compliance, communication, history and listing of events. Communication tools from both the database and spreadsheets were non-existent, and “given the workload and time and so many different processes going on, [delivering welcome handbooks] didn’t necessarily always happen”.

Bestchance needed an organisational solution that was:

  • Centralised for team members to access
  • Easy touch and reach to communicate the services for everyone involved

How Pendula helped

Bestchance's enrolment process with Pendula integrated
The typical customer experience in the enrolment process: Pendula is seamlessly integrated for automated customer communications with no extra effort from the Bestchance team.

Since integrating with Pendula, Bestchance has undergone an internal change of model, where processes are now automated, coherent and organised:

  • Scheduled, relevant communications that are professional and consistent looking in replacement of manual administrative tasks
  • Automated reminders and confirmation conversations based on completion of an event (for enrolment application confirmation, expiring subsidy cards and expiring immunisation records)
  • Greater quality of records and cleaner reporting resulting from ‘data-cleansing’ of Bestchance’s database of customer records

“I can confidently say that all families now receive all the supporting documentation required before the commencement at the preschool as this process is now automated rather than administrator driven.”

Priya Prasad, systems & operations team leader

With their new automated flows set up in Pendula flows, Priya’s team has greater confidence in processing applications — for instance, “[sending out introductory handbooks] is an automated thing that happens every day, for any new enrolments that have been processed. I can guarantee that every family has received everything that they’re supposed to.” Using this new automated system, Bestchance can ensure this experience scales up across multiple services, families and location with minimal impact on their team.


Families now experience a streamlined process from Bestchance, with the help of Pendula. This is made possible through the reduction of manual processing required in attending customer enquiries.

Completed enrolments by year attending
A higher number of enrolments are now completed earlier and processed quicker through automated Pendula workflows.

Compared to the 2018, Bestchance saw:

  • 44% increase of completed enrolments over November and December 2019
  • 80% increase in timely enrolments
  • Automated password resets via the portal now happening

The implications of these results are huge:

  • Reduced strain on the team to process the remainder with less time pressure
  • Improved accuracy of internal reporting from January 2019 onwards

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