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Evolving from broadcast to conversational messaging

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(Customer) relationships should be a two-way street.

Digital conversations create up to six times more engagements than broadcast communications.

Good conversations help build good relationships, and form impressions about the customer experience. Customer relationships last longer, are more fruitful and generate greater value for both you and your customers.


more engagement than broadcast
“We deal with a lot of interactions which are short and quick transactions through automation. It's allowed messages to be continually sent without the consultant needing to take a look at the record.”

Wei, co-founder

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Leverage SMS for highest engagement

Pendula is not a bot, and not a new messaging app. Create automated conversational workflows and customer journeys that happen completely via SMS, a channel your customers are already using.


read rates


engagement rates*

*SMS reply rates compared to email click rates
“We needed to be able to attribute feedback scores to things like: Specific worksites, staff members and clients. Pendula set this up for us to be able to do and it has been incredibly effective.”

Sarah Caldwell, National Manager of Administration

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