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A complete intelligence suite, made for marketers

Serve your customers and build game changing campaigns with accessible generative AI features that will power campaigns as creative as your mind can conceive.
intelligence suite

A complete intelligence suite, made for marketers

Get personal, at scale like never before – run real-time response analysis and completely automated templated processes.

Stay in the drivers seat

Configure Pendula's AI capabilities to classify and categorise at your own comfort levels.

Define templated tasks to be completed during a workflow

Write or set directions in plain english directives and allow AI to build in the background.

There are no limits apart from your imagination

If you can imagine it, build it in the Pendula Intelligence Suite.
Easily configurable

Classify and categorise

Instruct the platform in natural language, to slice and dice your audience in ways that make sense for the business, allowing you to activate more customers and drive more cross sell and upsell opportunities.
Automate with control

Complete and accomplish

Create experiments and automate flows using sentiment analysis or conditional values like weather and location to adjust your next best offer and drive extra revenue.
Accessible Gen AI

Conceive and create

Create dynamic personalised content on demand, generate meaningful reports and run simultaneous A/B tests, reporting and acting on the results in real time. Record what happens in a flow and sync it all back to your CRM or any system you choose.

Don't follow trends,
set the pace