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Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to tailored data-driven success

Effortlessly track campaign performance in real-time.
Leverage critical performance data whilst justifying your GTM strategies.
business intelligence dashboard

Say hello to tailored data-driven success

Effortlessly track campaign performance in real-time.
Clear data visualisation

Evaluate the relative performance and impact of your campaigns

Leverage living data to mitigate potential risks and capitalise on opportunities in real-time.
Turn data into impact

Track performance at any point in the flow and watch your ROI grow

Monitor engagement levels at a customer level and track their incremental value in your campaign.
Decision making with certainty

Identify emerging trends and track engagement with real-time results

Respond to changes in user behaviour and adjust your approach on the spot in our no-code canvas.
A single source of truth

Build custom reports and dashboards without a developer

The data points used to trigger a flow are just the beginning. Add meaningful insights at any point along the journey from our connector catalogue, or other live data sources.
Easy reporting

Empower everyone in the business with up-to-the-minute analytics

Embedded intelligence capabilities enable reports to be easily generated and shared across teams.

Level up your data driven decisioning