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Engage customers their way across multiple channels

Design intelligent and adaptive two-way communications with individual customers,
at scale for unsurpassed relationships and lifelong loyalty.
engagement hub

Engage customers their way across multiple channels

Design intelligent and adaptive two-way communications at scale.
The evolution

Broadcast communications

In the beginning, customer engagement meant mass marketing and broadcast emails to entire customer bases. The limits were obvious:
No personalisation or segmentation possible
Engagement was one-way only - diverting customers to respond via a link to the website or a phone number
The Transformation

Limited two-way conversations

Communication became multi-channel across email, SMS and eventually social media, but experiences were still disjointed:
Platforms were not able to handle exceptions or gauge customer intent
One cycle of communications only — poor engagement outcomes for customers
Data became siloed between multiple different disconnected tools making it impossible to create seamless, integrated experiences
Next-generation engagement

Dynamic & iterable conversations

Pendula empowers teams to inspire, engage and retain customers at scale with meaningful two-way journeys that feel like 1-1 conversations:
Personalised in every conversation. Organisational workflows — Pendula can update CRMs (e.g. vary subscriptions in Zuora or Salesforce) in real-time or prompt workflows
Iterate and optimise journeys at every step with real-time market and competitive insights for compelling upsell and cross-sell offers
Ensure seamless, unified customer journeys per channel, per conversation
Interactive, cross-channel journeys

Intertextual conversations, at scale

Pendula uses context to understand and organise meaningful texts from threaded conversations, enabling you to create phenomenal, nuanced experiences.
Data-driven engagement

Maximise the value of the data sitting within your ecosystem

Integrate new insights into live customer conversations and leverage them to inform later steps, all in one seamless workflow.

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