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white label

Drive your customer engagement capabilities with Pendula’s custom white label solutions

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Pendula is a next-gen Customer Engagement Platform focused on enhancing Customer Lifetime Value through seamless digital engagement for businesses of any size

Unlock the potential of our no-code platform, facilitating meaningful two-way conversations that drive customer engagement and bolster retention rates effortlessly.

Empower your clients to automate richer conversations with their own customers, powering over 100 million + interactions globally with our white label customer engagement technology.

Get to market in weeks, not months

Leverage our proven enablement framework to onboard your pre and post sales teams, transferring our expertise to you.

Embed Pendula’s workflow into your platform to deliver next-level outcomes for your customers

At the forefront of customer engagement and business process automation, our white-label offering allows your organisation to seamlessly integrate Pendula's workflow into your platform, unlocking superior outcomes for your customers.

With Pendula embedded into your offering, you can effectively reduce customer churn and drive serious incremental growth across both new and existing business lines. This level of performance ensures that you're not just keeping pace, but are staying ahead of the competition.

An all-in-one solution that easily connects applications and data to provide your customers a best-in-class customer experience tool

If you’re fighting to create an edge over your competitors, Pendula is your solution. Our white label offering introduces an elegant no-code workflow engine that breaks free from the constraints typically associated with traditional off-the-shelf platforms.

With Pendula, you and your customers are empowered with a flexible and beautiful all-encompassing solution that effortlessly integrates across applications and data sources.

Built exactly to your specifications, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development

What sets Pendula apart is our flexible approach to customisation that provides you the autonomy to build and deploy custom integrations to systems of record, digital channels, and endless workflow actions.

Our platform is designed to ensure you can meet your requirements, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. The result? Tailor-made features that resonate with your customers' needs and deliver actual value.

White label solution benefits

New lines of revenue

Drive subscription ARR through service fees

Improve efficiency via automation

Reduce the cost to serve

Cohesive workflow

Keep your team on track with our enablement framework

Increase CLTV

Reduce churn and increase competitive advantage

Fast time to value

Get to market in weeks through efficient team onboarding

Increase customer ARPU

Differentiate with unique cross sell and up-sell capabilities

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Security and compliance

Pendula maintains and reviews a list of security and privacy regulations that it is subject to including but not limited to GDPR, UK-GDPR and HIPAA.

Pendula maintains an ISO 27001 compliance certification. Our ISO 27001 certificate is available on our Trust Report.