Don’t re-invent the wheel.

The average number of apps used by consumers is 27. This figure has remained unchanged for the past five years. Pendula leverages existing platforms and communications channels to ensure customers both see and action your messages.

We support two-way communication across SMS, email, social instant messenger and fax. We also enable outbound post.

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Meet and exceed expectations.

SMS has an average open rate of 98%. Your customers expect you to be available, all the time, on the channel of their choice. Pendula enables you to automatically respond to your customers on platforms they use consistently to help drive actionability.

† Statista, 2018

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Get your back end systems working for you.

Organizations have invested heavily in back end systems to store and manage customer data. Often this data is accessible only through a service centre, application or customer portal.

Pendula’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm analyses, classifies and automatically actions inbound customer communications.

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How it works:

Outbound Messages

Outbound Messaging

Messages can be sent via any channel direct from your CRM or billing system.



Inbound capture of messages from any channel by your CRM or billing system.



Inbound communications then trigger automated actions or contextual responses.

Supported Platforms

An organisation’s success is increasingly linked to its understanding of their customers. We have partnered with industry leading cloud technology platforms whose focus is enabling organisations to deliver exceptional Customer Experience.

Is your platform of choice not supported? Let us know.

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Salesforce is a global industry leader whose expertise in client relationship management is peerless. Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is specifically designed to bring increased simplicity, integration, efficiency and visibility to your business.

Pendula is a certified Native OEM ISV partner and is available on the Salesforce App Exchange.

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Zuora is the world’s leading provider of billing, commerce and finance solutions for the subscription economy. Zuora is the worlds only subscription order-to-cash platform that makes it easier for companies to manage ongoing subscription relationships and keep up with fast-changing go-to-market strategies.

Pendula is a certified Zuora partner and OEM ISV.

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