Pendula | Configurable Conversations & Workflows Pendula | Configurable Conversations & Workflows

Deliver your best customer experience yet.

Delight your customers with a better experience by configuring conversations that are relevant, effective and automated.

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Configure Pendula workflows and conversations

Pendula is native to your favourite CRM or billing system.

Rapid affordable scale

Scale smarter by automating your manual processes.

Faster time-to-market

Launch new products and services quickly with easily-deployed campaigns.
Lower cost to serve

Lower cost to serve

Remove the need for call centre staff on up to 80% of customer interactions.
Single source of truth

One source of truth

Centrally store and manage all your operational and financial communications. Learn how Pendula ensures compliance for your business
Plug & play

Plug and play

Integrates directly with Salesforce and Zuora, so you can start automating right away. More about platforms
No more portals

No more portals

Customers can engage with you on the channel of their choice. Learn more about available channels
build loyalty

Build loyalty

Recognise negative events and mitigate them, identify positive events and promote them.
reduce churn

Reduce churn

Seamless, pain-free interactions ensure happy customers.
Improved conversion

Improved conversion

Simplify your service sign-up processes for more bookings and more customers.
Reduced ageing

Reduced ageing

Improve your collections by encouraging higher read and action rates with automated omni-channel messaging.

Brad Hoyle

Head of CRM Systems

“As a customer-focused business, we set out to wow customers each and every time they interact with BizCover. Pendula is a tool that directly meets that need … it was a customer-driven initiative and we’re seeing customer-driven results.”

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