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Easy automated customer journeys that feel like real conversations.

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Pendula is a conversational SMS and email platform that allows a business user to create two-way conversations with their customers using drag & drop functionality, without the need for any developer experience.

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“Pendula has given amaysim a new way to speak to our customers, by delivering dynamic two-way customer communications. We have been able to provide highly personalised messages through multi-campaign orchestration using a flexible and efficient solution. Working with the Pendula team has been a rewarding experience through their hands-on approach that has ensured our continued customer success.”

Renee Garner, CMO

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Manage, automate and optimise your customers omni-channel journey with Pendula's drag & drop functionality — no developer required!

Integrate conversations with your current customer records

Leverage your existing investment in your customer relationship management (CRM) or billing system with Pendula. Trigger from existing data sources for curated conversations, and see every interaction you’ve ever had, directly linked to data in these systems.

Build a relationship with your customers through personalised timely messages delivered when and where it suits them

Find out how Debtbusters switched to Pendula and balanced helpful and sensitive conversations with their customers.

Messages are sent based on customer's point in a flow

Connect your existing data and systems seamlessly and put them to work

Bestchance uses Pendula to processes more enrolments and streamlines support services with two-way automation directly from Salesforce.

Salesforce, Zuora, webhook and CSV connectors to conversational journeys.

Scale your operations, not your costs, and get more done

Learn how Ovo scaled their customer communication engine quickly and cost-effectively with Pendula.

Run your campaigns with confidence

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