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Experience & Workflow studio

Automate conversations with a workflow builder that defies limits

The heart of next-gen customer engagement and retention.
With Pendula's workflow studio the only limits are the boundaries of your creative thinking.
Experience & Workflow studio

Automate conversations with a workflow builder that defies limits

With Pendula's workflow studio, the only limits are the boundaries of your creative thinking.

Start a meaningful conversation

Select a data source to identify the moments that actually matter to your customers:

Use simple drag and drop UI to build seamless journeys as creative as your imagination will allow

Connect to any internal or external data source at any point in the flow

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Effortless integrations

Connect to anywhere, and everywhere, in real-time — all while communicating with your customers

Get a 360 degree view of your customer and automate tailored conversations leveraging data from any source at any point in the journey:

Multi-source data integrations

Dynamic conversations

Real-time communications

Real-time segmentation

Segment your audience based on their responses, in real time

Identify advocates or at-risk customers based on past or real-time behaviours. Build micro-segments around recency, frequency and value with ease:

Hyper-personalised experiences

Real-time response

Scalable solutions


Be where your customers are, and connect with them on the channels they use the most

Expand your reach and deliver a full omnichannel experience by leveraging a broader channel mix:

Create bespoke customer adventures, at scale

Seamless, integrated experiences

Add channels into your flow by simply dropping them onto the canvas

See engagement hub

Accurate relevance and meaningful context, every single time

Effortlessly personalise communications with real-time data from any system and deliver truly 1:1 experiences based on demographics, or past behavioural data accelerating purchases:

Seamless personalisation

Instant, unified data integration

Contextual, personalised experiences like never before

See intelligence suite
Intelligent customer journeys

Inject game-changing intelligence into your customer journeys at an individual level

Write natural language directives and let Pendula do the heavy lifting so you can get back to what you do best, being creative and getting results:

No coding required

Optimised results

Seamless journey modifications

Edit, pause or stop journeys without interrupting the customer experience

Update and refine customer journeys without you or your customers missing a beat, with advanced management capabilities on the spot:

Non-disruptive edits

On-the-fly iterations

Constant optimisation


Let's unleash your