Meet our Pendula Peeps

2 minute read
May 22, 2023
You will be hearing from our Pendula people from various departments on what makes Pendula a Great Place to Work.
First up is Rowan Train, a Solutions Consultant who has been working at Pendula for the last four years.

Meet Rowan Train, Solutions Consultant

Q. Tell us about your career journey at Pendula.

A. I joined Pendula almost 4 years ago in a different role I am in today. As part of a smaller team then, I was exposed to many different tasks within the company and with the ongoing support of our executive team have been able to transition roles more than once to different departments within the company. I have more recently joined the Sales team and am very happily working alongside some very experienced salespeople. It has been an ever changing journey and I'm grateful for the leadership team supporting me as I've changed positions as the company has grown and our needs have changed.

Q. What do you think makes Pendula a great place to work?

A. We are fortunate to have a team of very hard working and intelligent people. We're also good friends, so everybody is willing to help one another out without expecting anything in return. I would say that everyone in the company is approachable and especially the Executive team are always willing to take time and listen to all levels of the staff. There are no egos in the company and I think that really shows when we all get together, we always produce great work and have a good time.

Q. What's your favourite thing about coming to work?

A. For me personally, I'm always keen to learn something new. So I really enjoy coming in to work because it gives me a chance to see how others solve their day to day problems and I'll always take something out of that.

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