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Manage records, tables and bases in Airtable.


Manage records, tables and bases in Airtable.

Airtable Webhook

Trigger for handling webhooks from Airtable


Select Base

Select an Airtable base

Select Table

Select a table from a base

Get Base Schema

Get all tables schema within a base

List Bases

List all bases within the Airtable account

Create Record

Create a new record in the given table

Delete Record

Delete a record inside of the given table

Get Record

Retrieve a record by ID from the given table

List Records

List all records inside of the given table

Update Record

Update a record's content inside a given table

Get Current User

Get user ID and OAuth scopes for the current user

Raw Request

Send Raw Request to Airtable

Delete Webhook

Delete a webhook

List Webhooks

List all webhooks registered for a base

Create Webhook

Create a new webhook for a base

Refresh Webhook

Extend the life of a webhook

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