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Algolia is an advanced AI search platform.


Algolia is an advanced AI search platform.

Get Business By Name

Fetch a business with the provided name

Create Ad

Creates a new ad

Get Index

Get index information

Search Multiple Indices

Send multiple search queries, potentially targeting multiple indices, in a single API call.

Raw Request

Send Raw Request to Algolia

Search Facet Values

Search for values of a given facet.

Browse Index

Retrieve all objects from an index.

Copy Settings

Copy the settings of an index to another index on the same app.

Get Settings

Get the settings of an index.

Set Settings

Change an index's settings.

Copy Index

Copy an index, including its records, Synonyms, Rules, and settings (except for enableReRanking).

List Indices

Get a list of indices with their associated metadata.

Delete Index

Delete an index.

Move Index

Move or rename an index.

Update Batch Indices

This method enables you to batch multiple different indexing operations in one API call, like add or delete objects, potentially targeting multiple indices.

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