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Azure Blob Storage

Manage files and folders within Azure Blob Storage.

Azure Blob Storage

Manage files and folders within Azure Blob Storage.

List Containers

Get a list of containers available in the account

Create Container

Create a container

Delete Container

Delete a container

List Blobs

Get a list of blobs in a container

Create Append Blob

Create an empty append blob object (use "Append to Append Blob" to add blocks)

Append to Append Blob

Append blocks to an existing append blob

Create Page Blob

Create a page blob with a specific size (must be a multiple of 512 bytes)

Resize Page Blob

Resize an existing page blob (must be a multiple of 512 bytes)

Upload to Page Blob

Upload to an existing page blob (both data size and offset must be a multiple of 512)

Upload Block Blob

Upload file data to a block blob object

Download Blob

Download a blob

Delete Blob

Delete a blob

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