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Google Cloud BigQuery

Run analytics over vast amounts of data in near real time.

Google Cloud BigQuery

Run analytics over vast amounts of data in near real time.

PubSub Notification

PubSub Notification Trigger Settings


Create Dataset

Creates a new empty dataset.

Update Dataset

Updates information in an existing dataset. The update method replaces the entire dataset resource, whereas the patch method only replaces fields that are provided in the submitted dataset resource.

Get Dataset

Returns the dataset specified by datasetID.

List Datasets

Lists all datasets in the specified project to which the user has been granted the READER dataset role.

Delete Dataset

Deletes the dataset specified by the datasetId value. Before you can delete a dataset, you must delete all its tables, either manually or by specifying deleteContents. Immediately after deletion, you can create another dataset with the same name.

Cancel Job

Requests that a job be cancelled.

Create Job

Starts a new asynchronous job.

Delete Job

Requests the deletion of the metadata of a job.

Get Job

Returns information about a specific job.

Get Query Job Results

Receives the results of a query job.

List Jobs

Lists all jobs that you started in the specified project.

Query Job

Runs a BigQuery SQL query synchronously and returns query results if the query completes within a specified timeout.

Get Model

Gets the specified model resource by model ID.

List Models

Lists all models in the specified dataset. Requires the READER dataset role. After retrieving the list of models, you can get information about a particular model by calling the models.get method.

Delete Model

Deletes the model specified by model ID from the dataset.

Update Model

Patch specific fields in the specified model.

Set Policy

Sets the access control policy on the specified resource.

Get Policy

Gets the access control policy for a resource.

Get Service Account

Receives the service account for a project used for interactions with Google Cloud KMS.

List Projects

Lists projects to which the user has been granted any project role.

Raw Request

Send Raw Request to Google Cloud BigQuery API.

Create Routine

Creates a new routine in the dataset.

List Routines

Lists all routines in the specified dataset.

Get Routine

Gets the specified routine resource by routine ID.

Update Routine

Updates information in an existing routine.

Delete Routine

Deletes the routine specified by routine ID from the dataset.

Table Data Insert All

Streams data into BigQuery one record at a time without needing to run a load job.

List Table Data

Lists the content of a table in rows.

Create Table

Creates a new, empty table in the dataset.

List Tables

Lists all tables in the specified dataset.

Get Table

Gets the specified table resource by table ID.

Update Table

Updates information in an existing table.

Delete Table

Deletes the table specified by table ID from the dataset.

Patch Table

Patch information in an existing table.

Fetch Tables Names

Fetch an array of tables names.

Fetch Projects Names

Fetch an array of projects names.

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