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Pendula in Zuora

Pendula enables any organisation to send messages, receive responses and action processes directly from Zuora. Leverage the strengths of Zuora to enhance collection management, notifications, callouts and events framework.

The heart of the subscriber experience

Pendula’s conversation and workflow engines deliver automation, simplicity and speed across every stage of the subscriber experience lifecycle.
Zuora, via webhook and more
Zuora efficiences with mergefields
Pendula integrated with Zuora
Pendula with Zuora to create better customer journeys

Amazing results from our customers


increase in free-to-paid conversions


increase in conversion


in time saved on previously manual tasks


reduction in payment decline rates


reduction in customer churn


reduction in manual customer engagement processes
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Pendula on the AppConnect Marketplace

Pendula is available from the Connect Marketplace. We are a certified Zuora partner and OEM ISV.
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