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amaysim leverage Pendula for a more efficient and effective marketing tech stack

5% increase

in mobile plan renewal rates

5 less days

for voucher customers to reactivate their plan

16% increase

in conversion rates after the introduction of Pendula

Greater insights

and a better, more streamlined customer experience

amaysim is an Australian mobile phone plan provider, offering a range of SIM-only options as a flexible and reliable alternative to the larger telcos.

With a customer base of 1.2 million, and an industry-leading Net Promoter Score, high quality customer service is something that the amaysim team pride themselves on.

Since early 2021, Pendula has enabled the amaysim team to:

  • Extend the effectiveness of their current marketing technologies
    to create a more robust and efficient marketing solution.
  • Gain more sophisticated customer insights
    allowing for better targeted two-way communication with customers.
  • Enhance customer engagement
    increasing retention and reducing churn.
  • Improve customer experience
    by creating a consistent amaysim brand voice and tone across customer-facing SMS interactions.

The challenge

Before engaging with Pendula, the amaysim team was leveraging their existing marketing automation platform to manage all email and SMS marketing campaigns. However, the team was struggling with limited flexibility, high costs and a complex and unintuitive technical interface, which required a number of amaysim team members to design and launch campaigns and provided only basic customer insights.

Having a highly engaged customer base, the team knew that SMS was a promising communication channel, and that adopting more dynamic SMS campaigns alongside their existing email marketing would provide the best results.

To achieve this, the amaysim team needed ways to engage more effectively with their customers and enable multiple high-quality, targeted interactions.

The answer? Sophisticated, automated conversational SMS.

How Pendula helped

“We needed a platform that was easy to use and operate... and that would allow us to engage with our customers in the way that we want to,” explains Eric Alkema, Head of CRM at amaysim. When considering the right solution, it was all about customer insights and greater efficiency.

“We needed to be able to collect responses in order to get a better understanding of our customer needs, but also set up journeys which would allow us to improve our conversion rate.”
Eric Alkema, Head of CRM

amaysim worked with the Pendula team to plan initial customer journeys with a particular focus on customers who had switched off their auto-renewal (pausing their mobile plan). The amaysim team was looking to gather insights on this particular group to gain a better understanding of what was driving this behaviour. They used two-way SMS through Pendula to ask why these customers had decided to switch off auto-renewal, capturing their response and providing customers with a number of tailored offers based on their decision.

“We got some nice insights there,” says Eric, “the first thing we learned was that our customers wanted to engage (via SMS). Even when we didn’t expect a reply, customers would reply to us.”

Pendula is now being used as a key strategic tool for customer engagement planning and execution: amaysim can ideate a customer journey in their morning standup, and be conversing with thousands of customers by the afternoon. All SMS communication has now been migrated to Pendula. Eric explained how the amaysim team used this migration as an opportunity to review their previous SMS campaigns, taking the chance to build on existing customer journeys, learning from previous customer behaviour and spontaneous feedback received from customers via SMS to instantly gauge sentiment, enhance touch points and create new flows that are better suited to customer needs.

“What’s great is that now we can leverage Pendula to make rapid and responsive changes to our customer messaging to improve their experience and the effectiveness of our communications,” says Eric.

“For example, since July [2021] we saw a decrease in voucher customers renewing their plan. We knew that this was because of lockdown – the vouchers are available in retail settings and people couldn’t get out to renew them. These customers are also typically harder to engage with, since they rarely check email. So we sent out a proactive two-way SMS campaign to this customer segment, giving them the option to download the amaysim app or reach out to our customer service team to help with their renewal.

The results were phenomenal. We instantly saw an increase in engagement from this group, so we built a completely new automated journey to remind voucher customers that their renewal is coming up and provide them with a way to manage their payment.”

Overall results

Since working with Pendula, the amaysim team has noticed substantial improvements to the efficiency and quality of their customer interactions and engagement, including:

  • Significantly improved mobile plan renewal rates,
    which rose by 5% thanks to targeted, two-way SMS campaigns.
  • Streamlined customer reactivation process
    since the introduction of Pendula, it typically takes voucher customers 5 less days to reactivate their plan.
  • amaysim teams feel more connected with their customers than ever before.
    They are also gathering more data, and can use this to improve customer service and drive better results. 30% of customers that were communicated with during an initial Pendula-driven campaign, communicated back.
  • Conversion rates between like-for-like campaigns grew
    by 15% after the introduction of Pendula.
  • A quicker, more streamlined and more insight-led approach
    to customer communication.

Since starting their journey with Pendula, the amaysim team has launched at least 10 new customer journeys. But this is only the beginning. The team continues to work with Pendula to optimise their customer strategy and workflows, reaping the rewards of a more connected customer base to build better and longer lasting relationships, and ultimately greater loyalty to the amaysim brand.

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