Zipline rebrands as Pendula!

Georgia White, Head of Product

2 minute read
April 21, 2018

Today, we are sad to farewell our original Zipline brand, and excited to announce the launch of our new brand and name. Zipline has served us well since the beginning of the business, but we’re looking forward to the future … as Pendula!

When Alex Colvin CEO, and Yasuyuki Ogi CTO, founded the company, Zipline was reflective of the nature of the product at the time—one-way communication, A to B. The business and products have evolved dramatically since that time and with new offerings in the pipeline the name is no longer is representative of what we actually do.

We have developed a product which is not only solving customer communication problems now—it has great potential to innovate even more in the customer conversational messaging space.

It’s that exciting potential of our product that has us looking forward. When we picture the future, we see a company that needs a name that reflects our vision. A rebrand will help us to carve out a unique and memorable space in the rapidly growing and highly competitive global technology market.

For those that are interested, we went through a fairly exhaustive process to arrive at the name Pendula. It is a real word—in fact, it is the plural of ‘Pendulum’, and as our product has evolved from it’s early stages to now support two-way communication (sending many things back and forth!) we wanted the name to reflect this, and be unique and memorable. It’s been a big team effort, and something we’re proud to share with everyone and take forward.

Apart from the name, we are still very much the same. Our product, service, responsive and enthusiastic support, and vision for better customer experience will continue as it has always done. You will notice that we have rolled out the name and brand changes across our website social media pages, and email accounts.

Follow us here, on Twitter and on LinkedIn for updates and news as we push forward as Pendula, and thanks for your feedback and support!

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