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Microsoft Outlook

Read and manage Microsoft Outlook calendars and email.

Microsoft Outlook

Read and manage Microsoft Outlook calendars and email.


Trigger for handling webhooks from Outlook


Update Event Subscription Expiration

Update existing Event subscription expiration for Microsoft Outlook

Delete Subscription

Delete existing subscription for Microsoft Outlook

Raw Request

Send a generic request to Microsoft Graph API

List Calendars

List all Calendars for the user

Create Calendar

Create a new Calendar

Update Calendar

Update an existing Calendar

Delete Calendar

Delete an existing Calendar

Get Schedule Availability

Get the free/busy availability information for a collection of users

Delete All Instance Subscriptions

Delete all subscriptions pointed at this instance

Get Current User

Get the information and metadata of the user that is currently logged in

List Supported Timezones

List supported timezones for the current user

List Supported Languages

List supported languages for the current user

List Events

List all Events for the user

Create Event

Create an Event on a Calendar

Update Event

Update an existing Event

Delete Event

Delete an Event

Cancel Event

Cancel an Event

Create Mail Folder

Create a new mail folder

Delete Mail Folder

Delete the specified mail folder

List Mail Folders

Get the mail folder collection directly under the root folder of the signed-in user, or under the specified parent folder

Delete Message

Delete message by ID

Get Mail Message

Fetch and parse a raw message by ID

List Mail Messages

List mail messages in a user's mailbox

Send Message

Send a new message

List Subscriptions

List all subscriptions for Microsoft Outlook

Create Event Subscription

Create an Event subscription for Microsoft Outlook

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