Pendula at #Subscribed19 highlights

Alex Colvin, CEO

3 minute read
June 16, 2019

Thank you to Zuora for an amazing Subscribed last week!

Pendula is excited about the new Zuora platform features and we look forward to working with the Zuora team to make the most of them.

Customer experience and retention were high on the agenda at #Subscribed19, as businesses take note that the subscriber journey and conversations with customers become critical to retention and reducing churn. Some of our favourite moments from the conference:

“The trend of superior experience is really closely tied to products and services evolving over time. The expectation somebody has when first subscribing evolves over time. Our consumers, after every month, are expecting us to come up with new products and new value.”
Eric Queathem, Senior Vice President at WorldPlay
“My main takeaway in this process is the more freedom you allow your customer, the more loyalty you get.”
Peter O’Connell, CEO and Managing Director, Amaysim
“The way in which customers are converting from free to paying is very thoughtful. There has to be a proactive set of steps you’re taking in order to drive the conversion.”
Eric Queathem, Senior Vice President at WorldPlay

We also had two lucky winners of our booth giveaway competitions.

Congratulations to Taylor Medford from Zuora for winning an Oculus Go!

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