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Additional Terms — Zuora Terms

1.          Introduction

1.1        These additional terms (Zuora Terms) are incorporated into your Agreement with us, in accordance with clause 2 of the Agreement terms and conditions. Terms not defined in these Zuora Terms take their meaning from the Agreement terms and conditions.

2.          Zuora’s platforms

2.1        Our Products may be available via the Zuora Connect Platform. In order to obtain access to the Zuora Connect Platform, you must consent to the Zuora Policies and the Zuora Connect Platform terms of services (available on the Zuora Connect Platform).

2.2        You may wish to separately access and use Zuora’s online subscription relationship management platform. In order to do so, you must have a valid subscription with Zuora under a ‘Master Subscription Agreement’ or other written agreement between you and Zuora.

2.3        Nothing in this Agreement governs your use of the Zuora Connect Platform or Zuora’s online subscription relationship management platform. Subject to clause 9.4 of the Agreement terms and conditions, we are not liable in connection with your use of Zuora’s platforms, products or services.

3.          Your relationship with Zuora

3.1        Zuora is not a party to this Agreement and has no liability or obligation to you under this Agreement.

3.2        Zuora is not responsible for technical support in relation to our Products and you must only contact us for such support.

4.          This Agreement

4.1        We enter into this Agreement with you for our benefit, and for the benefit of Zuora, so that we in our capacity as trustee will have the right to enforce the rights under this Agreement directly against you for the benefit of Zuora;

4.2        At our election, we may assign the benefit of our rights in clause 4.1 of these Zuora Terms to Zuora.

4.3        No change may be made to clause 4.1 without the prior written consent of us and Zuora.

5.          Definitions

5.1        In these Zuora Terms:

Connect Apps means software applications available on the Zuora Connect Platform that allow third party products and services (including our Products) to connect with the Zuora online subscription relationship management platform.

Zuora means Zuora, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices at 3050 South Delaware St, Suite 301, San Mateo, CA 94403 USA.

Zuora Connect Platform means the online portal and website provided by Zuora where individuals may acquire Connect Apps.

Zuora Policies means the Zuora policies and procedures for the Zuora Connect Platform and Connect Apps made available by Zuora, which are subject to change by Zuora from time to time.