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Anniversary Celebration

This template can be used for thanking a client on the anniversary of them joining your organisation. To support this template you may need to create an additional field in your data source, which continually calculates the *next anniversary date (each year) of a client based on the date they were registered.

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Setup guide

To apply this template in Pendula, simply select a scheduled flow and set this to run on a daily basis. We generally recommend a time between 9am-12pm. This means that when it is triggered to run, it will send to all client records based on the criteria specified below:

  • To ensure the communication goes out on the day of their birthday set the *Next Anniversary date to <selector>equals<selector> today. Set these using date formulas such as <selector>TODAY()<selector> For more information on Date Formulas, please see this article in the Pendula Help centre.
  • Client Status <selector>equals<selector> 'current' or 'active'

What's the difference?

  • Send anniversary celebration
  • Send anniversary celebration
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Pendula flow

Outbound SMS

Suggested Copy:

Hi {{FirstName}}, The team at {{OrganisationName}} would like to thank you for being a client of ours! We look forward to continuing to deliver quality services for you 🙂