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Appointment Confirmation

This template can be used for contacting individuals and/or their primary contacts upon scheduling an appointment or service booking. It provides a way to inform clients that a service has been scheduled on their behalf, in addition to confirming the details with them.

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Setup guide

To apply this template in Pendula, select an event flow and set this to trigger when a record is created. This means that the moment an appointment is input and saved into your source data, it will send automatically based on the criteria specified below:

  • Appointment Status <selector>equals<selector> 'rostered' (or whatever indicates that the appointment is not yet delivered)
  • Appointment/Service Type <selector>equals<selector> <description> (if you would like to segment in/out certain types of services from receiving reminders)
  • Additionally, you'll need to ensure you have a placeholder field for capturing data upon a call request

What's the difference?

  • Inform client
  • Inform client
  • Enable a call request
  • Confirm a call request
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Pendula flow

Outbound SMS

Suggested Copy:

Hi {{FirstName}},This is confirmation that your upcoming appointment ({{Description}}) has been scheduled for {{StartDateTime}} with {{WorkerName}} at {{Location}}.If any of this information is incorrect or you need to reschedule, please reply with CALL and we'll have one of our friendly team reach out.

Inbound reply

Suggested Keywords:

Call; Call Me; Reschedule; Help

Field update

Field = Call Request

Operator = equals

Value = TRUE

Outbound SMS

Suggested Copy:

Thanks {{FirstName}}, we'll have someone reach out as soon as possible