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Client Offboarding

This template can be used for informing staff of a client offboarding the organisation. Specifically, for clients who have assigned support workers on a regular basis. This template can be expanded from an SMS notification to also include any relevant offboarding requirements via email.

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Setup guide

To apply this template in Pendula, simply select a scheduled flow and set this to run on a daily basis, we generally recommend sometime between 9am-12pm. This means that each day, it will only inform the relevant staff assigned to clients due to exit the organisation, in addition to the criteria specified below:

  • Client Status <selector>equals<selector> 'current' (if this information is available)
  • Client End Date <selector>equals<selector> 30 days from now (we recommend using a date formula like <selector>TODAY()+DAYS(30))<selector>

What's the difference?

  • Provide check-in alert
  • Provide check-in alert
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Pendula flow

Outbound SMS

Suggested Copy:

Hi {{FirstName}},Just letting you know that client {{ClientName}} is due to leave the organisation in 30 days. Please begin to prepare any necessary offboarding activities.