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Late Check-in / out alerts

This template can be used for alerting staff who have failed to check-in/out of a scheduled appointment via their field service mobile application in a timely manner. To enable this template you will also need a process that can periodically check & assess which appointment records are not checked into/out-of within the desired threshold. For more information on how to enable this, reach out to the Pendula Customer Success team here.

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Setup guide

To apply this template in Pendula, simply select an event flow and set this to trigger when a record is edited. This means that the moment an appointment is deemed as a late check-in/out of in your source data it will send automatically, in addition to the criteria specified below:

  • Late check-in or out <selector>equals<selector> TRUE (see above)

What's the difference?

  • Provide check-in alert
  • Provide check-in alert
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Pendula flow

Outbound SMS

Suggested Copy:

Hi {{FirstName}}, Just letting you know that your appointment {{AppointmentID}} has not been checked into/out-of yet. Please do this asap, as to not raise an escalation alert to the scheduling manager.