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Funding communications

  • Use it or lose it. Some clients can be at risk of losing unused funding balances once they reset. Being kept up to date on where they're at provides an opportunity to try other services offered by your organisation.
  • Keeping them in the loop. Giving clients the reassurance that they'll be kept informed when hitting funding thresholds as they consume their services, provides them with peace of mind.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Provide a better experience by sending out offers for other services a client may benefit from when you know there will be residual funding. Ensuring your organisation stands out as one that puts clients first.
  • Cut through the noise. Utilise the high delivery and read rates of SMS to ensure clients get updates and offer straight to their mobile phone.

Before you start

To enable the following experiences it's key that you have access to your client service agreement data:

  • At a minimum, you will need the balances and associated dates for each service agreement
  • the related contact information (mobile phone number) of the person who is to be provided with the update and offer communication.
  • To provide a better experience, having the clients name, service line item and demographic information to include within the body of each communication.